Weight Loss



Exercise is simply one step towards attaining your health goals. However too frequently we get discouraged with our progress when we hit a plateau or when we are carrying unwanted weight that makes the gym intimating or even embarrassing at times. Rising Lotus has teamed with Take Shape For Life to provide you with a personal health coach that can guide you through safe and effective weight loss.

With Take Shape For Life, you’ll master the ability to:

  • Create health in your life, step-by-step, through nutrition, proper sleep, exercise, and stress management.
  • Transform your world into a supportive environment where healthy habits can grow and thrive.
  • Identify unhealthy patterns and triggers, and use the power of choice to stay true to your health goals.
  • Cultivate the Habits of Health step-by-step, one day at a time that can gradually replace the habits that make us ill, overweight, and unhappy.
  • Grow a healthier you, with proven techniques of people who have been successful in maintaining their healthy weight loss for years.

Our weight loss program is about so much more than just what the scale reads. As with every aspect of our business we address the whole person- mental, physical and emotional/spiritual. If you are tired of dieting and ready to enter into optimal health contact us and one of our FREE health coaches will schedule a consultation with you. If you have a few minutes, watch the video below for more information, encouragement, and inspiration towards a healthier, happier you. Start LIVING the life you’ve always wanted. For more information about Take Shape For Life or to contact a health coach click here.